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Hi Jodi,
Now we are recovered from the jet lag!! The
Borneo-Tour was perfect. The organization and the accommodations were very good, also the guides in the camps. One guide in Tabin WR 'Malvin' was absolutely perfect. I think he was one of the best guides I have ever had.

We make a lot of pictures and see the most wildlife animals. We missed only the elephants. 
Maybe the next time.

Thank you

Uwe & Andrea from Germany October 2022
(*postponed 2.5 years due to Covid closures)


Hi Jodi, There's one thing I can say for sure: this holiday was amazing! One of our best travels, if not THE best!
And yes, except for our flight delay everything went perfectly smoothly.But now for our more detailed feedback:
For us the overall trip was perfectly sequenced: Starting with the hustle and bustle in Singapore, then the true cultural and natural experience at Menyang Tais, less culture and tradition but nice activities at Peraya, back to civilization and amenities in Kuching before heading into nature again at Bako and ending with a relaxing stay at Gayana Marine Resort.
The trust that we have put into someone that we have never talked to personally and who lives on the other side of the ocean when booking such a special trip was 100% paid back by you!! 
So again, thank you for putting together this itinerary, keeping us always
up-to-date and getting everything organized.

Kind regards and let's stay in touch!

Family of 4   Germany    August 2022
    (*postponed 2 years due to Covid closures)


Dear Jodi, ! 

I just wanted to write now, finally, ! and thank you. 

We had an amazing time around Borneo together. 

In many cases not enough time either! There was so much. 

Bako National Park in particular stood out. 

I took many videos throughout the days... 
(note from Jodi: Utube link to monitor lizard..more to come)

I know Seshen was in touch with you some too... 

Thank you so much for being understanding of the situation. 

Our main guide, Jagar, was wonderful though,  and Val too, so nice. Great guys. 

I will have really just wonderful memories of our trip. 

Life-changing experiences, for sure! Grateful. 


All my best to you, !

Ben   Sarawak: Jungle Dwellers US April 2019

Thu, Apr 11, 2019 

Hi Jodi.

We came back from Borneo safely 2 days ago.

Coming back to the different world, we are still adjusting and integrating our rich experiences.


We had a wonderful guide, Jagar, throughout our stay who is very knowledgeable. There are many different experiences which could have not happened without their skills and experiences for which we are very grateful.

Ben and I are very grateful for your kindness and also everything that you did for us.

Please know Also, we are grateful for Val as well as Jagar. The experiences we had with your program are unforgettable.

Even though there had been some challenges,(food related) we truly want you and also them to know how grateful we are and how deeply we appreciated our time over there. 

 Ben started to put the videos from Borneo on YouTube.

Seshen   Sarawak: Jungle Dwellers  Japan   April 2019 

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Luana & Stefan_ ukum.jpg
Luana _Stefan_boat.jpg

Bako: very nice place and beautiful nature. Perfect place for walk and see thelandscapes.

Kinabalu Park excursion:  Good the canopy walk and the seeing of the Mount Kinabalu, 

Jaga & rafting --> Jaga wait us at the airport and take direct us the bamboo rafting.

Super experience and the perfect way to begin our trip.

The day after Jaga pick up us at the hotel (perfect the hotel in Kuching!) and we went for the long trip to the longhouse. We made first a stop to Semengoh and we was very lucky because we see 4 orang utan and 1

come just close to us!

Nanga Ukum Longhouse: it was very

amazing and a true experience.

Sandakan River Safari: beautiful part and very well organized. Amazing’s wildlife.  

Transfers: all the transfer were perfect and on time.

Hotels: all the hotel are perfect for the situation.


We want to thank you again for your help and very well organization. It was very appreciated the fact we had more different tour connection.


Luana & Stefan Switzerland 9 days Sabah& Sarawak Augusut 2018

Hello Jodi,  

We just arrived yestarday from our trip. Our trip has been spectacular!

We had  Lat as a guide and he has been very kind and professional.

Our experience in Turtle Island and the jungle have been wonderful! We have seen elephants taking a bath, orangutans, cocodriles, monkeys, macacs... and the turtles...

The river lodge has been very well with  the big swimming pool and the rooms and sercice spectacular!

Thank you very much for your organization.

We will recommended if someone asks us.   It has been an unforegettable experience!

Best regards

Mireia   (group of 8 from Spain)
Sabah Wildlife River Safari  August  2018

Jodi!!!!!!!! : D How are you?!

I’ve been meaning to contact you, but I’ve been slammed with so much work ever since we got back, I didn’t have a chance to write.

I wanted to let you know that we had a phenomenal time & wanna thank you for all you did.

It could not have been any better from start to finish. The experience with all the guides, transportation, tours, and everything else were seemless.

Thanks again and we’ll be in touch for the next adventure in southwest Asia or anywhere else that you may cover.

Cheers to you!

Amir & Marina  March 2019 US

Hi Jodi,

Yes, all is good and we had a great time.


Many thanks for organising such a

smooth transition from our dive location

to the start of the tour and so many great adventures!


Many thanks,

Matt & Ruth  May 2018 

Sabah Wildlife Excursion 7 days

Hello Jodi,

We loved the trip of course.... thank you x


Danum Valley was not the same but then how could it be after our first experience.
(Note from Jodi: This couple went 7 years earlier on their honeymoon in 2011 & repeated the trip this year!!)
 It has really gone even more upmarket so the accomodation we had last time is so upgraded you can only get that with a river view if you pay top dollar, which is probably ridiculous. However we saw loads of orangutans.


Tabin was great. The accomodation was very nice. We had a family of gibbons wake us up and were outside our room, every morning - in full view - amazing!

Food was pretty boring but not the reason we were there so no big deal. 

We had a great guide (Alistair) and we saw so much. I would describe the place as 'generous' as they really go all out for you to experience everything. As an example, the evening trip in the truck - you go out for well over an hour in daylight, seeing lots and then the travel back in darkness so you have that experience - all in one trip.

We skipped the outside camping experience at the mud baths as we both felt a bit funny about no loo....


The river lodges were much the same as before and we loved the final hotel where we decided to stay the extra day. It was good to finish in such a comfortable spot.

The caves with the bats/ swiftlets was awesome!!! The only downside is we went middle of the day and would have been amazing at dusk as they change over. Smell wasn't so bad (have smelt worse on London Tube) and whilst lots of cockroaches, no spiders, so all  good.


I will do the trip advisor thing for you. Thank you so much Jodi

All the best Eilis   
couple from the UK  repeating their honeymoon trip 7 years earlier.  Sabah wildlife trip..(2 weeks   April 2018)

Hi Jodi

  • the time with Val rafting : the best part of the trip. Val is a very good guide. He showed us many things and was very arranging . We learned about nature ,wildlife and made a lot of sport  

  • Bako : Thanks again to Val because We enjoyed this place , animals and nature that he explained to us

  • Semengoh: We have to respect the orang outan). We were lucky to see one of them 

  • Damai Beach : perfect place to relax !!

  • transfers : everything was organised 

    Natacha   2 friends from France (Sarawak.. jungle dwellers, rafting
    & beach.)  July 2018

Natacha poling.JPG
Borneo tours

August 2017

Hallo Jodi & Adeline, 

we arrived at home today, full with impressions and loads of pictures. We all want to say a very warm “Thank you” to all of you who made such a trip a great experience and pleasure. 
There was nothing that didn´t work!!!
All our guides were very friendly and experienced, everybody arrived in time and
did a great job! We enjoeyed the trip and once again: thank you.

I recommend your company to my friends!!
 Best regards
Ingrid, Uschi, Gerhard, Stefan & Christoph  8/2017
(Borneo Intensive with Mulu/ 20 days)

Hi Jodie,

Thanks for everything, the tour was excellent and we will never forget it!!! Specially Jagga was a special guide! We enjoyed, learned and connect!!! It has been amazing!!! Thanks a lot! For sure I will recommend you!!!

Thanks!!!    Laura   7/2017     (Sarawak Wildlife & Natives)

Hi Jodi.  Everything was great. But so busy now will have to get back to you when I have time to let you know some details. Great jungle lodges and guides. 

Thank you!  Barbara  6/2017  
(Sabah Wildlife Tour & River Safari)

Lucinda Cindy Benson Vriner 
Jodi went above and beyond in every detail. She arranged an incredible custom tour with two weeks notice. I did not think it would be possible, but Jodi was on it, emails daily with updates on options and suggestions. She is the most honest, reasonably priced, knowledgable and accommodating tour agent that I used anywhere....and I have been seriously traveling to remote places for 10 years.

I spent 3 days in Sibu and 3 days visiting a remote longhouse community, staying in their home and sharing in the daily traditions. I then flew to Kuching for another 10 days in Iban Longhouses and Bidayuh jungle life.

Jodi's selection of guides and homestays was exactly what I hoped for, only far better than I could have imagined. If you like rafting down winding rivers with a local guide who has the information of a walking encyclopedia, walking jungle paths to hidden waterfalls, stopping to fish and cook using jungle bamboo with gathered leaves and spices, seeing Orangutan in their natural environment, falling asleep while listening to the comfort chatter of 15 families living in a longhouse, being amazed by the generosity of strangers inviting you to share their daily lives, then you must contact Jodi.

Jodi will not only give you an itinerary to see Boreno, but immerse you into FEELiNG Boreno.

Incidentally....I was often introduced as "Jodi's client" where I would immediatelly see smiles. She is well known, connected and highly respected in the local community.

I would recommend Jodi in a heartbeat. She is a gift to those of us looking for an authentic, cultural experience with highly knowledge guides sharing fascinating facts every step of the way.

Now if I could just find another "Jodi" for China.

August 20 at 7:29pm

Hi Jodi,

We had a great time and really enjoyed the treks, mount Kinabalu was awesome, the Pinnacles were really amazing and the toughest challenge of the the trip , but we got through it unscathed. 

The head hunter trail and the trip down the river was really good

The people at the long house were really great and hospitable,we were invited to attend functions at the school where they performed traditional dances in their traditional dress.

We will have to do another trip

Thanks for your time and travel advice   Jill   5/2017    
(The Headhunters Trail & Pinnacles)

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