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W.Malaysia is on the peninsula north of Singapore. 
E. Malaysia is on Borneo Island and is comprised of 2 states: Sarawak & Sabah.
See travel tips below 

Personal advice from Jodi: Remember Borneo is the world's 3rd largest island!

If you wish to visit both Sabah & Sarawak please have at least 12-15 days available. You need time to stay at each destination long enough to fully enjoy it!  
Infrastructure for long-distance travel is not like Europe! Often you will need to overnight between destinations to make air connections. Roads can be indirect and poorly paved. This is still rainforest territory!
If your time is limited you should select either Sarawak or Sabah. Use the following suggestions to decide which meets your goals better. Jodi can also advise you after an initial consultation.
Sabah is great for a wide diversity of wildlife & beautiful beaches and beach resorts & snorkeling 
Sarawak is great for wildlife (not as much diversity as Sabah, but possibility of closer sightings).
It is THE place to go for authentic home-stays with descendants of Borneo's former head-hunting tribes.
Both offer adventure activities such as caving, mountain climbing, rafting & jungle trekking. 
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Malaysia tours
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